Expert support, close at hand

Expert support, close at hand

Liven Creative is an integrated creative agency based in Send, Surrey. We provide branding, printed communications and a range of digital experiences for some amazing clients throughout the UK. As a fast-growing business with a fast-growing reputation, we owe some of our success to our network of equally amazing partners and suppliers – many of whom we rely on for the aspects of our projects that we outsource. 

Where possible, Liven Creative likes to keep things local. It makes sense to us to draw on the expertise and services that are close at hand, and to support local businesses. One of those businesses is Woking Print, who we’ve worked with for several years. They’ve built their success on understanding the need to be better, faster and more reliable than their competitors, and just like us, they see customers’ needs and deadlines as their priority. They’re a great team, and they really know their stuff. They’re really flexible, too, and will always find ways to make the process as simple as possible without sacrificing any quality. They’re always happy to provide samples and discuss ways to achieve the best results. And because they’re just down the road, we get to deal with them in person, so we’ve struck up quite a bond. 

“Having Woking Print so close at hand means we can pop in and see print samples before giving the go-ahead on a big run, and stop by to check on progress when timings are tight for us. Their flexibility keeps lead times to a minimum, and it really helps us stick to tight deadlines with the reassurance that results won’t be compromised.” 

James Glass – Director, Liven Creative 

Together, Liven Creative and Woking Print produce print communications of the highest standards. We know we can rely on them to produce the excellent results we’ve pledged to our clients. In fact, we know we can offer our clients a premium print aspect to their branding when we’ve got suppliers like Woking Print on our doorstep. 

Liven Creative loves all aspects of print. We’ve a long history of excellence in printed communications, and we’re the first point of contact for a wide range of clients and their varied print requirements. We help them look stunning and attract more customers. 

We also provide a range of powerful branding services and consumer-friendly digital experiences. Find out more at