High Quality Digital Printing In Godalming

Do you require professionally printed material in Godalming? At Woking Print, we attract customers from all over Surrey, including Godalming.

Despite a rise in digital marketing, most companies find that printed material still makes a big difference.

So, here are the top 5 reasons to have printed marketing material in 2016.

  1. Printed material gives customers something tangible and therefore make you more memorable. Unlike digital marketing, it’s much less disposable and less easy to ignore. Printed materials offer the kind of experience you can’t get online. Studies have shown, for instance, that thicker paper increases the amount of emotion needed to process something and denotes quality.
  2. Printed materials have more of an emotional impact; for instance, handing someone your business card instantly makes them feel special.
  3. Digitally printed material helps you reach your target market easier. It can be given out at trade shows, at local job fairs or anywhere else in the local area.
  4. Print is more engaging, as customers prefer reading paper to a screen. On paper there are no flashing advert or pop-ups to distract you. Studies show that customers usually look at printed materials longer than websites.
  5. Brochures, leaflets and catalogues make a business seem more credible. Think about how you feel when seeing your favourite magazine on a rack. It’s always there to be paged through and looks professional and polished.

At Woking Print we provide the highest quality printing services and can print everything from brochures to business cards.

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